The Studio

The Needle Art Family Tattoo Studio was established over 20 years ago in the Haarstraat of the pleasant and beautiful fortress town Gorinchem. 

A spacious set-up and great eye for detail defines this tattoo studio what makes it a pleasure to visit. With 7 workstations, a very nice and cozy waiting area and even an outside patio you will enjoy yourself guaranteed.

Ridiculous long waiting times do not occur at Needle Art Tattoo. Because there are multiple artists working on a daily base the time of waiting to get an appointment can be limited, depending on your design, to a few weeks and sometimes even days.

During opening hours everybody is welcome to check out the studio, the artists and our methods of working. To have a consultation with one of our artists an appointment is required. To receive additional information or to book (consultation) appointments please contact us through e-mail:

Needles to say the Needle Art Family Tattoo Studio is in possession of the required permit to guarantee a safe and hygienic work standard. Controls are implemented by the GGD (Dutch department of healthcare) and the 'safe tattooing and piercing' permit is issued by the (LCHV) Dutch National center for hygiene and safety.

Thank you for visiting our web-page, we hope to see you at the studio some day soon!


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Opening hours

10 AM - 6 PM

10 AM - 6 PM

10 AM - 6 PM

10 AM - 9 PM

10 AM - 6 PM

10 AM - 5 PM

10 AM - 5 PM

Tips & Useful facts

When you are getting tattooed for the first time it is useful to know that this can have an impact on your body. Therefore it's wise to come to the studio well rested and with a full stomach. You respond better to stress and possible pain stimuli if you have enough sugars in your system and are well rested.

Keep in mind that after the placement of the tattoo, so during the healing, you are not allowed in the sun for a while and cannot swim with it. You will of course receive a detailed explanation and aftercare instruction in the studio after finishing your tattoo.

Exclusively for international clients we offer a free shuttle service from / to every nearby train station and / or airport. If use of this service is desirable, please first submit the travel details and itinerary.

Are you looking for a nice, original and especially permanent gift, we also sell gift vouchers!
The gift voucher is available for any desired amount and can also easily be ordered online through the Needle Art Tattoo webshop.

Children are allowed at the studio provided that they are calm and quiet. Bear in mind that a tattoo studio is not a playground but a serious working environment where concentration is absolutely necessary.

Our studio offers the possibility to schedule an appointment via e-mail and to pay the deposit electronically. In some cases it is necessary to come by for a consultation with one of the artists.

It goes without saying we are in possession of the required 'safe tattooing and piercing' license issued by the LCHV, National Center for Hygiene and Safety.

Our general terms and conditions apply to all products, deliveries and services which can be found here as well as at the bottom of this page.


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A few studio rules

All incoming mail is processed by a team of studio managers, so we kindly ask everyone to send earlier email contact or to use the 'reply' button to prevent misunderstandings.

To get tattooed we require a minimum age of 16 years, regardless of Dutch legislation and regulations. No exceptions, if in doubt ID required!

A deposit is always requested when scheduling / confirming an appointment. If multiple sessions are scheduled, the deposit will be deducted from the last session. Deposits made will not be refunded under any circumstances!
Of course it is possible to reschedule appointments for (un)certain time.

If postponing or cancelling an appointment is necessary, we ask you to do so within 5 workdays, outside this period you can no longer claim your paid deposit.

In case after a 12 month period from the last (consultation) appointment nothing is heard and no appointment is scheduled,  you can no longer claim your paid deposit.

If an appointment is planned online, always state the specified reference or customer number when paying the deposit electronically. Payments without reference will not be recognized and will be reversed.

Gift vouchers have a validity of 12 months and cannot be exchanged for cash.
Only after consulting the studio is it possible to extend the duration by another 12 months.

Accepted methods of payment, both online and in the studio, are:
Needle Art webshop, Maestro (pin), Visa (electron), Mastercard, Paypal, Apple pay, Google pay, Mister Cash & KBC

Thank you for visiting our webpage, we hope to welcome you someday soon in our studio!