Tips & useful facts

When you are getting a tattoo for the first time, it is useful to know that this can have an impact on your body.
It is therefore sensible to come to the studio well rested and with a full stomach. You respond better to stress and any pain stimuli if you have enough sugars in your system and are well rested.

Keep in mind that after completing your ink, so during the healing of your tattoo, you may not be in direct sunlight for a while and you cannot go swimming with it. You will of course receive a detailed explanation and aftercare instruction in the studio after getting the tattoo.

Exclusively for International clients, we offer a free shuttle service from / to any nearby train station and / or airport. If it is desirable to use this service, please submit the travel details first.

Are you looking for a nice, original and above all permanent gift, we also sell gift vouchers!
The gift voucher is available for any amount and is also easy to order online through the IQ Tattoo web-shop.

Children are allowed in the studio, provided they are calm. Keep in mind that a tattoo studio is not a playground but a serious work environment where concentration is absolutely necessary.

Our studio offers the possibility to schedule an appointment by e-mail and to pay the down payment electronically.
In some cases it is necessary to come by for a consultation with one of the artists.

We are of course also in possession of the necessary 'safe tattooing and piercing' permit issued by the LCHV,
National Center for Hygiene and Safety.

Our general terms and conditions apply to all products, deliveries and services, which can be found both here and at the bottom of this page.

A few studio rules

All incoming mail is processed by a team of studio managers, so we kindly request everyone to include previously conducted mail contact or to use the 'reply' button to avoid misunderstandings.

We maintain a minimum age of 16 years, regardless of Dutch laws and regulations.
No exceptions, ID required when in doubt!

When booking / confirming an appointment, a deposit is required. When multiple sessions are scheduled, the deposit will be deducted from the last session. Down payments made will not be returned under any circumstances!
Of course there is always the possibility to reschedule appointments for a (un)defined period. In case of late rescheduling or canceling an appointment, no further claims can be made to the paid deposit.

If no contact took place after 12 months after a (consultation) appointment and no appointment is scheduled, the down payment made will be canceled.

If an appointment is scheduled online, always state the specified reference or customer number when paying the down payment electronically. Payments without a reference or client number are not recognized and will be canceled.

Gift certificates are valid for 6 months and cannot be exchanged for cash.

Only after consultation it is possible to extend the duration by another 6 months.

Only cash payments are accepted in the studio, of course it is possible to pay the total amount electronically before the start of the appointment via the web-shop of the IQ Tattoo Group. Accepted payment methods are:
Visa, MasterCard, Ideal, Mistercash, KBC and regular bank transfer.

Thank you for visiting our webpage, we hope to welcome you to our studio soon!

Last Minute Ink Deals

Omdat het regelmatig voorkomt dat mensen om wat voor reden dan ook hun afspraak moeten verzetten, uitstellen of zelfs afzeggen

hebben wij deze ‘Last Minute Ink’ Deals geïntroduceerd! Wanneer één of meerdere artiesten beschikbaarheid hebben op zeer korte termijn, soms zelfs dezelfde dag, door een afzegging of het verplaatsen van een afspraak bieden we deze plaats aan tegen een speciaal tarief.



Hoe werkt het…

Met regelmaat zullen we op onze FB pagina, per artiest(e) de beschikbaarheid voor de komende dagen posten.
Heb je interesse, tijd en wil je korting op je volgende tattoo reageer dan snel!
Uit alle aanvragen kiest de betreffende artiest(e) het leukste idee en kun je zonder wachttijd, tegen speciaal tarief jouw volgende tattoo laten zetten.


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Bij het verrichten van een (aan) betaling wordt automatisch akkoord gegaan met deze algemene voorwaarden alsmede de kennisneming van de informatie over de risico's van het tatoeëren en de nazorginstructie zoals opgesteld en verstrekt door het RIVM & LCHV.